Quitting my Blog?!?!?!

I was thinking about quitting my blog(forever). But i don’t know if i should.Please tell me in the comments what you think i should do.If you choose i should still blog i will promise to update everything new on Club penguin.I know i haven’t been updating…sorry. I have been really busy with school and family stuff. Thanks 4 understanding.=)



Im back!

sorry there has been lots of problems with my computer but it should start working good now. I will post more cheats asap!

Club Penguin Earth Day Party Cheats!

Club Penguin is having a trash scavenger hunt!

Here is how you complete the scavenger hunt:

TRASH #1 is a coffee cup,in the coffee shop!

TRASH #2 is puffle food in the pet shop!

TRASH #3 is a barrel at the cove!

TRASH #4 is hot sauce at the Dojo!

TRASH #5 is a bag a coffee beans in the book room!

TRASH #6 is a newspaper at the forest!

TRASH # 7 is a pizza box at the Ski Village!

The LAST ONE is a water barrel at the mine!

The prize is a Pin and also access to this room!

Enjoy the Earth Day Party! What are you going to do for earth day?

Club Penguin is Going Green!

Now instead of throwing your unwanted mail in the trash,you recycle it!Look’s like club penguin is really trying to help the enviorment!

Do you like how club penguin is trying to help the planet?

New Pin!

The new pin is a frog!
New pin Is at the Dock!!

Also New postcards today!


Sorry i haven’t been updating! My computer had a virus and was down for a while…But i’m back! I will update soon!

Thanks for your patience!


Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter!! What are you doing on easter today? Are you having and easter egg hunt? Did you get a basket?

Happy Easter from pinklovey12!